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Marketing is the perfect expression of analysis, creativity and collaboration.

Story-telling is at the heart of marketing--telling people what's special about what my clients do. I've come a long way since the publication of my first story in my elementary school newsletter.

I've learned to be a skillful listener. 200 hours of training in life coaching taught me how (and provided a professional credential). I was also trained to listen in preparation for my volunteer work at a crisis intervention hotline.

Analysis validates creativity. Advertising genius David Ogilvy said "It's not creative unless it works." That's been my mantra since the beginning.

I chose to specialize in direct mail marketing at the beginning of my career because it provides immediate and tangible feedback on whether a campaign worked.Google Analytics and many other tools do that now

Giving back to my community is very important. In 2010 I joined the Board of the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) here in Charlottesville, and became vice-chair in 2011. I'm a 2009 graduate of Leadership Charlottesville. I was deeply involved with the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC) for several years, and served on their Board. CBIC honored me with their Leadership award in 2008.

Technology is in my genes. My grandfather transported technology by ship and caravan and built the first ice production plant in Baghdad, Iraq in the early 1920's. My father developed the mathematics for a ground-breaking approach to decision making.

Two of my brothers developed the software to enable executives to make decisions on resource allocation, team selection, product development and more. Their company is Decision Lens. My other brother is a rocket scientist whose team designs navigation for NASA and privately-launched rockets.

I created the marketing that launched the first commercial CD-ROM application in 1985, wrote a book about the internet published in 1996, and helped found the New Media Society of Washington, D.C. (among many other technology-related activities).

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