Best practices can secure your investment in your website...

...because they make it easier for website visitors to find what they're looking for, and take the action you're asking for. I provide a variety of marketing, website usability and copywriting services. These include:

Expert reviews of your website.

This includes evaluation of your marketing message, ease of navigation, content and design.

I measure your site against best practices based on empirical research, and use my expertise in marketing to judge the effectiveness of your messaging.

You receive a report of my findings and recommendations for changes.

Help with creating a new website.

Creating a website from scratch can be challenging. I sharpen your focus on your business and marketing goals, your audiences, and clarify what your goals are for your site. They must be specific and measurable.

We work together to develop the structure of your site to make sure that it

Write content that is easy to read and
drives visitors to take action

Benefits, benefits, benefits... and calls to action. That's the heartbeat of marketing copy. Web content is a lot like direct mail copy (which I wrote for many years). It's interactive and it drives readers to take action.

There are a slew of small things that, taken together, motivate people to take action. I know what they are, and use them in my web writing. (They're in use on this site, too.)

Teach you and your staff how to do it yourself.

I have taught public workshops and given private, in-house seminars on marketing, the creative process, best practices for creating web content, and effective marketing on a web site.

Clients include, the American Electronics Association (now TechAmerica), the Southern Environmental Law Center and others.

I mentor clients on the entire process of site creation or redesign so they can pursue other in-house web projects when we're finished.

Contact me for a no-cost, no-obligation conversation about your marketing challenges.